On Site Use for Tracked Dumpers


For construction and landscaping projects and the companies that perform those tasks, there is always a pressing need to find the most efficient way of transporting loose materials off site or to different parts of a site. There is no end to this loose material on any site and with tracked dumpers, you have the perfect solution to help clear the debris, deliver the materials that are needed and make sure loose materials and soil are out of the way or in the correct place. 

What is a tracked dumper?

A tracked dumper is a vehicle with tracks that offers greater stability on uneven terrain. They carry a load on a skip that can then either be dumped or tipped. Most modern tracked dumpers will come with multi-cylinder engines and have pivot steering for greater control. The biggest benefit to hiring a tracked dumper is the stability it provides on any terrain.

Stability on uneven terrain

Think about how landscaping and construction sites look and feel, especially in the early stages of a project. The ground is uneven, rocky terrain and loose materials are everywhere. The plant hire machinery and equipment you choose must be able to move around on this type of ground without losing its integrity. A tracked dumper is perfect on uneven surfaces, able to navigate the trickiest terrain without much effort. Therefore, you often see tracked dumpers hired for remote locations or land that has steep inclines, as they can reach places on site that a regular dumper cannot. If the ground is muddy, it’s no problem for a tracked dumper. 

Unfavourable conditions are not a problem for tracked dumpers

Tracked dumpers are perfect where site conditions might be unfavourable to most other vehicles and plant. With low ground pressure, tracked dumpers can be used easily on motorway construction projects, lake and pond dredging, and many other types of construction projects where wheeled dumpers cannot reach them effectively. Dumpers can carry a huge load when compared with the manual lifting of loose and awkward materials. If you compare the manpower and effort that a wheelbarrow and manual operation would require to move loose materials on a site, with how quickly and efficiently a tracked dumper can perform the same task, it is a no-brainer.

If you are searching for tracked dumper hire it is important that you work with a plant hire company that understands your needs and what you are about as a company. Hiring any type of equipment or machinery is part of the careful planning of a construction project and this should include a great level of trust between you and your point of contact at the plant hire company. As you can see, there are many different uses for tracked dumpers on site and they could be the perfect fit for your needs. Make the right choice of plant hire company and they’ll provide you with the perfect tracked dumper for your site and project needs.