How to Buy a Home in Bellingham: Everything You Should Know About the Town


Located in the northwest tip of Washington State, Bellingham is a vibrant town known for its breathtaking natural landscapes, historic charm, thriving craft beer culture, and outdoor recreation. This is a great place to move to, whether you are new to Washington, moving from another neighborhood, or transitioning from renter to owner. Below is a guide on how to buy a home in Bellingham and all the factors you should consider before you start packing.

Location and Accessibility

Bellingham is located in the northwest part of the state between the Salish Sea and Cascade Mountains. Many homes for sale in Bellingham feature stunning views of the water and hill terrain, offering the best of both worlds. Bellingham is also located close to many urban areas and is easily accessible to nearby cities, making it the perfect balance of natural beauty and modern accessibility.  

 Community and Neighborhoods

The people of Bellingham are community-oriented and friendly. The community is tight-knit, and rather than sticking to their own homes, the residents often come together to organize and attend community events, local festivals, weekly farmers’ markets, fairs, and more. Bellingham prides itself on its commitment to eco-friendly and sustainable practices and supporting local businesses. Living here, you will feel welcomed, included, and part of the bigger picture.

Housing Market

The Bellingham real estate market is diverse and all-encompassing. While Downtown Bellingham primarily comprises modern condos and apartments, neighborhoods like the Fairhaven district are marked by charming historic homes with a traditional elegance. In all the neighborhoods, however, you will find a selection of suburban developments, townhouses, and single-family homes – a choice for every homebuyer. The median home sale price is $675,000.


As a community town, education is very important to Bellingham. The city is home to Western Washington University (WWU), which has a stunning campus and a wide range of programs. The local school district is highly ranked within the state and comprises excellent public and private schools.

Dining and Entertainment

Bellingham’s location between the sea and mountains means there is never a shortage of things to do in Bellingham. Residents can hike, bike, camp, picnic, and boat to their heart’s content. If you prefer more indoorsy fun, the town also boasts a rich and diverse culinary scene, with many exciting eateries, cafes, and restaurants in the Fairhaven district. You can enjoy everything from international cuisines to local farm-to-table menus. The craft beer culture here is also enviable, and the multiple taprooms and breweries across town serve locally brewed beers.


In addition to an excellent connection to neighboring towns, Bellingham has an efficient transportation system. The Whatcom Transportation Authority (WTA) offers public bus services across the city and into neighboring suburbs. Residents can also drive or bike through the designated bike lanes and trails.

Talk to Derek Buse About Bellingham Real Estate

Before you venture too far into your home-buying journey, talk to a Bellingham real estate agent like Derek Buse about your housing needs and the local market. Derek will reveal a wealth of resources and listings that will make finding your new home easier and more streamlined. Even better, you will not have to walk from open house to open house alone – Derek is the ultimate guide.