How to Choose a New Building for a Family with Children?


Choosing a family apartment is not an easy and responsible task. This property is usually purchased for a long time, so buyers need to think ahead and anticipate different situations. The Commodore at Canberra expert tells what parameters of an apartment and a residential complex are especially important for the comfort of families with children.

Big kitchen

For a family, it is better to choose a European layout with a large kitchen-living room. Firstly, it is convenient to arrange family dinners and parties here. Even if you have a baby and do not like noisy house parties, it is possible that your child will want to gather his friends at home when he grows up. In addition, the Euro-plan is easier to adapt to the changing needs of the family. For example, from the living room area, if desired, you can make another compact bedroom. You can even look for ideas to renovation your kids room to improve their living space. For example, from the living room area, if desired, you can make another compact bedroom.

Most of the layouts in modern condominiums are European format options. In addition, in large family apartments, two bathrooms and special places for installing dressing rooms are always designed.

Own social infrastructure

A school and a kindergarten within walking distance from home is one of the main conditions for a comfortable life with a family. This will save time and effort for both children and parents. In addition, the child will be able to go to lessons on his own already in elementary school.

When choosing a residential complex, it is very important to study the developer’s plans to create infrastructure in the area. Pay attention to the deadlines for the completion of the objects and see how they correspond to your requests: will a kindergarten appear by the child’s third birthday?

Low-rise buildings

Low-rise architecture itself has a beneficial effect on well-being and mood. You are pleased to be surrounded by buildings that are proportionate to a person. However, for families with children, this is not only a matter of psychological comfort, but also of safety. In low-rise buildings, the population density is low, thanks to which all neighbours know each other well. In addition, the intimate atmosphere of low-rise neighbourhoods is conducive to taking care of your house and yard.

Residential complex “the Commodore by JBL Developers”

Features of the Commodore at Canberra are as follows:

  • Closed courtyards

The courtyard, closed from cars and strangers, is a truly safe space. You can safely let a child of primary school age go for a walk here, watching him from the window. Kids can safely learn to walk, run and ride a bike, because there are no cars on the territory.

  • Accessible environment

An accessible environment is a space that is comfortable for all family members, from toddlers to grandparents. Comfort is made up of many little things: this is the entrance to the ceremonial and commercial premises at ground level; an elevator that can take you even to the first floor, bypassing the stairs, doors with a door closer that delays closing by 5 seconds, and much more. All these options are available in modern KVS houses.

  • Storage space

A large and active family needs a lot of storage space for a variety of things: strollers, toys, scooters, bicycles and other sports equipment. When choosing custom home building hampstead, nc, be sure to find out if the project has storage rooms. Even if you do not have such a need right now, the situation may change when the second child and fourth bicycle appear in the family.

JBL developers design storage rooms in all comfort-class residential complexes. In addition, there are always strollers in the front ones: this is very convenient for young parents who do not have to raise and lower their children’s transport every time.