Selling in New Tecumseth: 5 Elements of a Good Listing That Will Make Your Home Stand Out and Sell Fast


Boasting numerous outdoor recreation, access to modern amenities, and a safe, tight-knit community, New Tecumseth is a relatively competitive market. But many New Tecumseth homes rely on these features to sell, which means you need your home to stand out. Your listing is a great way to create a lasting impression with buyers and convince them to turn your property into their next home. Here are five elements that will elevate your listings and attract more eyes to your house. 

High-Quality Professional Photos

For buyers unfamiliar with the New Tecumseth real estate market, their first introduction to your home is the professional photos you post on your listing. These pictures give them a first look at the interior and exterior of your home, providing a concept of the property layout and size. And while you can take them yourself, it is best to entrust this job to a professional. An expert photographer will know how to use angles and lighting to produce photos that showcase your home in the best light.

A Catchy Headline and Impactful Opening Statement

Accompany your photos with a catchy headline and opening statement that tells the buyers what they are looking at. While a picture tells 1000 words, you cannot underestimate the power of descriptive words like open-concept kitchen, tons of natural light, and newly renovated bathroom. Create a headline at most 7 words long that captures the buyer’s attention. Follow this up with a short description – typically 1 sentence – of your home’s best features.

A Detailed Property Description

If you capture the buyer’s interest with your headline, provide them with all the data they need to decide if your home is the ideal buy for them. Create a list of the primary features of the property, including the square footage, number of rooms, floor plan, recent renovations, garden, patio, pool, home office, and other features that make your home unique. Add descriptive words, such as spacious, modern, custom-built, and bright. However, don’t oversell your home. You want buyers who visit your home to get exactly what they expected.

A Description of the Area

If a buyer is new to New Tecumseth or lives in a different neighborhood, they will want to know where your home is located. Meet this need by describing the area’s amenities and lifestyle, including nearby parks, restaurants, shopping centers, school districts, etc. However, take care not to violate fair housing regulations. Your agent can guide you on this.

A Call to Action

Finally, close your listing with a strong call to action, encouraging the buyer to contact you or your agent. Convey a sense of urgency without sounding desperate and avoid ambiguous or cliché terms like must-see and motivated seller.

List Your New Tecumseth Home with Angela Rossi

Like with buying a home, you should not sell real estate without the guidance of a real estate expert. New Tecumseth real estate agent Angela Rossi can help streamline the entire process from staging to listing and open houses to get you the best deal and value for your home. Call her office today to discuss your vision, timeline, and other needs.