4 Laws To Move Mobile Homes For Free


Moving to a mobile home may seem very exciting. However, the homeowners often remain fearful, thinking about the process. If anything goes wrong, the owner will have to bear huge losses. Above all, before thinking of moving mobile home for free, one should know specific rules that specify the safe and hassle-free process. Four universal laws remain static for any such function, and this blog will illustrate them in detail. Let’s dive! 

  • Acquire A Moving Permit 

It is a hard truth that one cannot move a mobile home anytime and anywhere of their will, and they have to undergo a specific process and get a permit from an authorized body. If you don’t get a company that can do all the needful for a convenient move, you may need to bear huge expenses and struggle to obtain the permit. Keep the document for a license in your hand when the move occurs to avoid any inconvenience or disturbance. 

  • Know The Laws Of The Moving Place 

It is not enough to know the rules of your place and get a permit to move. You must know and understand the moving laws prevail where you are transporting the mobile home. You should obtain the laws without fail to have safe transport to the desired location. 

  • Getting Professionals 

One of the indistinctive parts of moving mobile home for free is hiring a professional company. The company must have the required license and should be insured. It will help you get the service without any hassle. However, not all the moving companies offer free service to move mobile homes; you should ensure this while booking. Some moving companies also provide all the subsequent processes and leave you stress-free for all the requisites. 

  • The Home Should Meet HUD Standards. 

If you are in the USA, then the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development has specified specific standards for the home that should be met to move a mobile home. It is the HUD standard. According to the HUD code introduced in 1976, specific rules are specified, and houses built before the introduction was quite challenging to move. You must know the standard before proceeding with further planning. Also, if you are in another country, you should understand the measure that authorizes a mobile home to move. 

Being fantasized is quite natural to move mobile home for free. But alongside, you should get the necessary laws in hand and fulfil the minimum requirements well before starting planning.