A Guide to Articulated Dump Trucks


For any construction company, there will be times during almost every project when there will be a requirement for heavy equipment to help complete heavy tasks efficiently and safely. When dealing with concrete and other unmanageable heavy materials, you cannot expect manual labour to offer you the capacity you need to complete tasks on site in a safe and satisfactory manner. This is where the purchase of articulated dump trucks should be seen as a priority for the long-term fulfilment of company goals.

What is an articulated dump truck?

An articulated dump truck is a heavy piece of machinery that is used to transport large and unmanageable materials either around a construction site or on and off site as required. If your construction site is on rocky terrain or in a remote location, this is the perfect piece of machinery that remains steady and stable at all times.

It is created from two sections, the front tractor section and the back trailer section, with materials released at the relevant angles as and when it is required to dump the materials being transported.

What are articulated dump trucks used for?

Articulated dump trucks are used on construction sites to help haul, move and to dump different types of materials. When you think of construction sites, there is always something that requires moving on site, whether that is rubble and debris that needs to be moved off site to clear space, or materials needed in a different part of the site from where it currently sits. An articulated dumper truck can be used to move materials effectively and safely.

Understanding safety with dump trucks

Depending on the type of dump truck you need, the weight and size will be based on the payload involved of what you need to haul and move around the site you are working on. Alongside this payload information, it is crucial that you conduct pre-operation inspections before every time it is used. Fully trained articulated dump truck operators should be used to working on a variety of difficult and challenging terrain safely. Best practice for loading and unloading is also important, as these are the times where there is the most chance of an accident taking place.

Safety must always be a priority on any construction site, and that is why you should look to purchase articulated dump trucks that are of the highest standard and use the latest technology to ensure safety hazards are limited. 

If you decide that it is time to purchase an articulated dump truck to help your construction company, it is best to look around for the best options of where to buy. Utilising the expertise and reputation of a company with the experience of selling articulated dump trucks and other types of heavy machinery will give you complete peace of mind that what you buy will be in the best possible condition and perform tasks at a high level of standards and efficiency. You can see here what tasks an articulated dump truck helps with, and the benefits of buying one for your business and future projects.