These 4 Architectural Styles Make the Hamptons a Homebuyer’s Paradise


The collection of coastal hamlets known as the Hamptons is famous for its luxurious lifestyle, famous residents, and prestigious homes. Homes for sale in The Hamptons are usually set amidst exotic views of the beach and rich landscape, offering an escape unrivaled elsewhere in New York. And as a National Park Service-preserved location, the Hamptons is home to some of the most stunning architecture in the state. Here is a look at four primary home styles that dominate the town and that you can consider during your hunt for a Hamptons home.


One of the houses you will see as you work with The Hamptons real estate agent Andrea L. Ackerman in the Hamptons is the farmhouse. With both traditional and modern iterations, this style is dominant in the area and can trace its history back to the 1640s when farmers crossed over to the Hamptons from England. Farmhouses are characterized by lean-to architecture built with cedar shingles, oak framing, and pine paneling on beam and post barns.

The interiors are often as chic as the outdoors are rustic, and you can look forward to large entryways and windows, high-pitched roofs, and wide rectangular living spaces. Farmhouses are also often built with natural, locally sourced materials.

Colonial Revival

Another architectural style with historic connections to the Hamptons is the Colonial Revival. Combining influences of Victorian-era architecture with previous colonial designs, these homes often feature triangular sides and side-gabled roofs. Some iterations also come with hipped roofs with all four sides lying on the walls and dormers. In the Hamptons, in particular, Colonial Revivals go up two or two and a half stories and have grander front doors. You can also expect entrance columns and paneled doors.


The Hamptons Shingle-style home is an import of the wealthy designs of Newport’s coasts. The homes are famous for their cozy seaside aesthetic that lends them an air of relaxation and laid-back elegance. Typically, a shingle-style home features shingled surfaces, large groups of windows, asymmetrical exteriors and facades, expansive porches, and complex, often sloping rooflines. A popular shingle-style home, the David Campbell mansion, sold for $45 million in 2004.

Modern and Contemporary

Modern and Contemporary Style homes fulfill the needs of many Hampton’s homebuyers who enjoy modern amenities. These homes usually combine different architectural styles in new and exciting ways, including using relatively novel building materials like steel and concrete or old materials in novel ways. This feature gives Modern and Contemporary Hamptons homes a flexible nature that adventurous homebuyers will love. In most cases, these homes feature large windows and open living spaces with a lot of natural light. Other primary features include straight rooflines, sharp angles, asymmetrical interiors, and overhangs. And because it is the Hamptons, many Modern homes come with amenities like outdoor entertainment areas, private pools, sliding glass walls, and more.  

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Whether you value history and charm, wide open spaces, tons of natural light, or modern amenities, the Hamptons luxury real estate market has something to offer you. You can begin your search for the perfect home and architectural style by contacting Andrea Ackerman today. The renowned real estate associate broker and consultant agent has been working in luxury Hamptons real estate for nearly four decades and can lead you to the home of your dreams.