Asaf Izhak Rubin Highlights the Serious Real Estate Transaction Failures


Real estate markets are profitable yet too complex for a beginner to deal with whether purchasing a home for the first time or deciding on investing in prime real estate properties. It takes skills, knowledge, and experience to become an expert in the real estate market. Not only that but also the level of expertise that a person achieves determines their level of success in the real estate markets.

However, what many investors and real estate property sellers/buyers fail to recognize is that just like any other financial market, real estate is also filled with a lot of potential threats and failures. Not addressing certain situations and legal issues on time can cause plenty of disturbances and financial losses. Despite that, a real estate lawyer may be the only person you are looking for to get out of all these troubles.

Unpaid Taxes and Mortgage Payments

When you review the property for a potential purchase, there isn’t a single document that will be the only requirement of the entire deal. There are various documents and legal papers that a potential buyer should demand to authenticate and verify a property as allowed for development or sale. In addition to all the legal processing that will take place, your real estate lawyer will help you find out the level of taxation and mortgage payments (if any) that remain on a property.

Asaf Izhak Rubin says that reviewing documents for a property is to ensure that there aren’t any problems or legal issues that will later be a headache for the buyer. Tax payments and mortgage payments should be clearly outlined by the seller as per the real estate market laws. However, in fraud cases, sellers might try to sell a property with the hope of transferring the tax and mortgage burden to the buyer.

This is illegal and highly unethical. Regardless, a real estate lawyer will help you check through and review the documents. They will also authenticate the payment of taxes and mortgages with the account of what remains on the property. Therefore, a potential failure will be ridden off with the help of a real estate lawyer.

Home Disclosures and Inspections

Home inspections and disclosure agreements/reports are some of the most important documents that ensure the integrity of a real estate property. Apart from the rest of the documents, these documents mark the finalization of the deal and transaction.

What happens sometimes is that real estate dealers such as sellers misinterpret the features of a property. While some may do that unintentionally when selling old properties, others do it on purpose with the hope of reaping fraudulent profits. You might realize after purchasing a property that it is in poor condition than was stated. Moreover, there might be some underlying structural or even legal issues with the construction of a property. Asaf Izhak Rubin explains that a real estate lawyer can help you with all that.

Title Document Disputes

Asaf Izhak Rubin suggests that another matter which your real estate lawyer can help you dodge is a title document dispute. Someone might be trying to sell you a real estate property without legal rights through forged documents and deeds.

In such a case, a real estate lawyer can easily pick up the trail of fraudulent practices. This is because due to their learning, extensive knowledge of the real estate markets, and bulky experience, they can identify fake documents and deeds in no time.


Transaction and deal failures in the real estate markets are a common nuisance. No one wants to make up their mind about a property and then encounter some sort of illegal trap during a transaction of sale or purchase. However, breathing the sigh of relief is way better than falling into the trap of a fraudulent property dealer.

Real estate lawyers preserve the interests of their clients and make sure that no illegal activities or fraudulent practices make their way into a legitimate property deal with you. They are highly capable and knowledgeable who master the real estate laws to a great extent.