How to choose table lamps


The desk lamps have a dual function, they are useful elements and comfortable at the same time can be very decorative. Choosing a good table atollo replica lamp is important and you have to take into account several aspects.

In the market there is a great offer and the purchase decision will depend on the use and aesthetics of the room. If you need to illuminate a work area you have to look at the shape of the screen, which will project the light up, down or in both directions.

The height of the lamp is also a decisive aspect: a lamp that is too high or too low can disturb the eye or not properly illuminate the desired area.

The way of lighting varies: you can find table lamps with a traditional ignition, with an on / off switch; or touch lamps, which turn on when you touch the base with your hand. These lamps are very practical, for example, on bedside tables due to their simple ignition mechanism.

The screens will provide the decorative touch that is sought. There are modern, classic screens, with designs for children, etc. In addition, it must be taken into account that a translucent screen gives more light than an opaque one. Opaque screens, such as metal ones, are better suited to creating dim light environments.


The type of bulb must be in accordance with its function. Warm light bulbs help create a relaxed atmosphere, while natural light is best for reading or work areas.

You can choose between halogen, flu compact (low consumption) or LED bulbs. This choice will determine the consumption and useful life. In the case of LED bulbs, you can also choose the lighting angle, which varies between 300 ° and 150 °. A larger angle provides uniform ambient light, while a smaller angle focuses the beam on a smaller area.

Knowing each of the characteristics that make up a product that you want to acquire is of the utmost importance, even if it is the materials with which said product is manufactured, since by knowing this, you can create better points of comparison and achieve that our purchase is totally successful.