Selling the Brentwood Dream: 5 Effective Staging Tricks That Will Attract Buyers and Won’t Cost You a Dime


Located in Los Angeles’ Westside, the peaceful community of Brentwood is the perfect home for the luxury-seeking discerning buyer. Brentwood luxury homes house many celebrities and business moguls and are some of the most coveted in the city. And with a median sale price of $730,000, properties here are an actual investment. But beyond the allure of the community itself, sellers should present their homes in the best light. Here are five staging tricks to help you sell your Brentwood home faster and for more without costing you a dime. 


A tour of the many homes for sale in Brentwood will reveal that many sellers declutter their homes when gearing up for a sale. You need to do more than tidy up – you also need to remove as much stuff from the space as possible. Clear an item off your shelves and surfaces if it is not decorative. The goal is to get rid of about 50 to 75 percent of the items displayed on your surfaces so you can create more negative space. This makes your home feel more open and more significant.

Open Your Home to Traffic

Because people will move through your house, you want to make things easy for them. This means optimizing the traffic flow so your home feels well laid out and comfortable. To do this, you can, for instance, reposition furniture pieces currently blocking doorways and rearranging or removing some things from your living space altogether. You can also create conversation spots around warm and inviting places or pieces in your home, like a great painting, in front of a window, or at the fireplace.

De-Personalize Your Interior Décor

As you declutter your home, you should neutralize the space by de-personalizing the décor. Many buyers settle for a home they can comfortably walk through and imagine as their future home. This can be difficult to do in a space filled with evidence of the current owners, including personal décor choices, hung awards, family photos, and kids’ artwork.

Clean and Tidy Up

Of course, your home needs to be warm and inviting; there is no better way to achieve this than to keep it clean. It won’t matter how well you stage your home if the surfaces are dusty and the air is musty. So, when your home is on the market, open the windows daily to air it out, vacuum, wipe down the surfaces, and take out the trash.

Set Up Place Settings

By now, you have taken so much of yourself out of your home that it may feel cold and impersonal. You can counter this by putting place settings in all the eating areas in your home, including your kitchen bar, breakfast nook, and dining room table. This subtle detail will help maintain the neutral environment buyers prefer while creating a warm, welcoming, and elegant air in your home. 

Navigate the Local Market with the Help of Leonard Rabinowitz & Jack Friedkin

Selling or buying a home in Brentwood can be a hassle. Everything from staging and closing costs to renovations and repairs can quickly become a headache. If you have decided to sell your home, and before you even begin staging it, contact esteemed Brentwood real estate agents Jack & Leonard. This dynamic duo will open up a world of resources, connections, and expertise unrivaled elsewhere in town.