Why Invest In Real Estate In The Bang Phlat Area?


One of Bangkok, Thailand’s developed districts, is the Bang Phlat area. Investing in the purchase of Condo in Bang Phlat Area (คอนโดย่านบางพลัด, which is the term in Thai) may prove profitable shortly.

Why Invest?

After the corona pandemic, the real estate market in Thailand is on a surge. This has resulted in foreign and domestic investors rushing to invest in the real estate sector of Thailand. Fortunately, Thailand offers both small and big-budget investors equal opportunities to invest as per their capacity. We try to list some benefits of investing or having a home in the Bang Phlat area.

Listed Are 5 Benefits Of Living In The Bang Phlat Area

  • Healthcare Facilities

Bang Phlat is well equipped with more than a dozen hospitals providing state-of-the-art healthcare services.

  • Educational Institutes

Bang Phlat has many educational institutes delivering legal education to the students.

  • Place Of Tourism

Bang Phlat is home to some beautiful riverside temples and centuries-old monasteries. Apart from this, many modern constructions have been an attraction for the tourists who visit Thailand.

  • Transportation Facilities

Bang Phlat is well connected to Bangkok by bus, taxi or ferry. From Bangkok, it takes 7 to 10 minutes to reach the Bang Phlat region. The Southern Bus Terminal (Sai Tai Mai) Bang Phlat is one of the main bus terminals.

  • Lodging And Food Outlets

Bang Phlat has many bars and restaurants offering various choices of food. In addition, it is home to many hotels offering standard lodging services.


Overall in Thailand, there’s a steep rise in demand for condos. The Bang Phlat area is no exception. As it falls on the outskirts of Bangkok, condos building has been rising here.

The preference for condos is due to the pandemic. The condos generally have large rooms, and a sufficient area is dedicated for the outdoor space. This might eliminate the risk of closely interacting with strangers. The trend is to have big rooms with modern amenities so the owners can work and study at home, whether it’s the pandemic period or not.

To summarise, since, after the pandemic, people have been looking for residences like condos, the prices of real estate properties in Thailand have significantly risen. Since there is no scope for condos in central Bangkok, everyone is shifting their focus to the outskirts, one of which is the Bang Phlat area.