The Key Determinants of the Cost of Ipe Decking


Ipe, or Brazilian walnut, is an exotic hardwood used commonly for outdoor decking. Wood grade, treatments, accessories, labor costs, and location affect the price of ipe decking.

Wood grade

Variation in the costs of this product is highly influenced by its wood grade. Usually, there are three grades: premium standard and utility of ipe decking. Premium grade sort has tiny natural imperfections with uniform coloring and is the most expensive. The standard class has some natural marks, but it still looks good and comes at a lower price. Utility grades have more imperfections but are durable and budget-friendly.


Staining, oiling, etching, and growing custom milling or engraving ipe boards add to the overall project cost but can improve beauty and functionality. Pre-finishing ipe with penetrating oil or semi-transparent stains before installation can save time and provide protection at an additional fee per sq ft. Other treatments such as engraving, custom millwork, grooves, or channels on deck boards for controlling water drainage also come with additional costs, which are reflected in pricing.


All extra materials used for framing, mounting, and protecting the deck system contribute to its final cost. For example, this could include pressure-treated joists and beams, unique deck screws/fasteners, flashing, rails, lighting fixtures, benches, as well as planter boxes, among other things. Typically, accessories equal 20-30% of the total installation price.

Labor costs

Professional installation is highly recommended due to more complex fastening methods and tolerances in exotic hardwoods than simple pressure-treated pines. Labor costs differ extensively based on your region, design complexity, accessibility, and local wage rates. Some homeowners take on ipe deck installations to control these costs, which call for skilled woodwork and customization. It is estimated that you can save overall labor, but it will likely take twice as long.

Geographic location

Due to local labor wages, material transport expenses, and supply and demand variations, ipe decking cost Florida will vary widely across different parts. On the other hand, landlocked areas may have access to cheaper ipe, but shipping costs might be higher. Additionally, location affects applicable sales tax rates and any other charges added to invoices.

Premium ipe grades with wider plank dimensions originating from areas with high labor costs plus professionally installed custom treatments represent upper spending limits per square foot. Seeking standard grade ipe in narrow widths, self-installation where appropriate, bulk purchasing, and finding affordable regional prices bring the cost down.

At the end

To get the correct type of pipe materials for a project, however, one has to balance between unique goals, site parameters, and budgets involved.