How to choose barnum for the garden


The folding barnum pliant is one of the most popular variants of the moment when you have to buy a classic garden cover. This is because it is a model capable of distinguishing itself by being as practical as it is pleasant to exploit.

But how do you choose the ideal model for your needs? And in particular which are the best models on the market on which to make your final decision?


Compared to the fixed model, the folding gazebo is characterized by being more practical and able to offer a wide range of uses, all different from each other.

First of all, the most frequent use that is made of this instrument is the classic one, that is, the aforementioned is placed in the garden of your home and used during the summer to organize lunches and dinners or simply to spend an afternoon relaxing in the air open.

Furthermore, this type of gazebo, not being subject to any construction request according to building regulations, can also be used as a useful tool to protect your car from the sun or rain, preventing the vehicle from being damaged of any kind.


The accordion gazebo must be simple to use since, if this instrument were to be synonymous with long wasting time or complex operations to be able to exploit it, one’s choice could be focused on the search for a classic gazebo.

Furthermore, the closing system must be solid enough and prevent the mechanism from being damaged very easily, thus creating a situation of great disadvantage that is not very pleasant to have to face.


The folding gazebo must be chosen by evaluating in detail the various measures that must go to distinguish the same instrument.

A good decision is to choose the folding gazebo with a size of 3 × 3 meters, which allows for excellent coverage and above all to be sure that the same instrument can be easily transported.


An indisputable parameter that must always be taken into consideration when choosing is obviously represented by quality.

It is necessary to focus on a version that may be slightly heavier but whose solidity and mass are automatically synonymous with increased longevity, a detail that should not be underestimated.

Look for a good compromise between these two aspects, making sure that a good balance can be reached between the two factors and that the same item can be exploited in total safety.