Your Guide To The Best Water Features For Your New Garden Design 


In Japanese gardening, water is considered to be the unifying natural element between earth and vegetation and is an essential aspect of any garden. Water is also alluded to in other forms, such as stone pathways that are designed to resemble flowing rivers. Water is also considered symbolic of peace in the hereafter. Here are several ways that you can incorporate the dynamic tranquillity of water into your garden

  • Cascading Water 

This includes small waterfalls and fountains. Cascading water is a very relaxing and pleasant sound, and one of these features will turn your garden into a calming oasis that you can return to to find tranquillity. Multi-tired cascading fountains recycle their own water and are a pleasant and simple way to incorporate water into your garden that will not require digging, irrigation, or a lot of maintenance.

  • Fish Ponds

Koi ponds or any small body of water Colourful fish such as koi not only add a beautiful and vibrant touch to the peace of a small garden pond, but they also bring that enhanced beauty that comes with a garden which is actually also a small ecosystem that supports wildlife. 

  • Streams

Garden streams are charming and full of visual potential. A well-irrigated stream will not only bring some charming wildlife to your garden but will also give the opportunity for more landscaping such as a quaint bridge, or smooth stones to line the river. Depending on the size and topography of your garden, it may be possible to create a small natural waterfall as well. 

  • Modern Water Features

If you are looking for a cleaner, landscaped look, there are a number of gorgeous and impeccably designed water features that will take your garden to the next level. Marble or stone basins of any size will give your garden a sophisticated and artistic feel; slab waterfalls of granite, stone marble, or even copper are also a beautiful, minimalist option. There are also many elegantly designed tired waterfalls or small pools which can really be enhanced with the right lighting to make a stunning garden that can also be enjoyed in the evening and night.

Incorporating water into your garden is an effective way to take you garden to the next level and turn it into a dynamic and meditative space. There are as many ways to do this as there are personal tastes, and with this list of ideas it is that much easier to find the perfect water feature to suit your garden and style.