Climb the Investment Ladder with Real Estate


Even today, real estate is still an untapped market with huge potential to grow and yield escalated demands. It is seen that real estate prices have risen by almost 5% over the last 5 years. Despite the pandemic, the industry has seen growth in the second quarter of FY20 compared to the same quarter last year. The luxury real estate, to be particular, does not get much affected by market dynamicity and always shows a steady upward curve. This can be a reason for such huge unsold inventory in the industry. The investment planning can be tiresome and hence it’s advisable to hire an experienced broker possessing in-and-out knowledge about the segment, portfolio, and investment plans.

Owning rentals

One of the most intelligent ways to invest in chic luxurious real estate properties is to own rental properties. The owners get a plethora of options to renovate it keeping it aligned to their personality. The DIY décor styles won’t create a hole in their pockets and they can get alluring yet elegant spaces to rent forward. This is a strategy that would cover up the initial investment costs through the recurring rental deposits and in no time the next investment pool can be bundled up.

Investment groups

REIGs or Real Estate Investment Groups are the perfect groups for individuals who are willing to own properties but not run them. Enlisting oneself in such groups requires a large investment pool with cushions to risk and liquidity to finances. REIGs are more like smaller mutual fund pools that look forward to investing in various rental services. This involves few vacancy risks but the income and appreciation are quite handsome.

Property flipping 

This is a budding trend that cuts on a lot of other expenses that come handy with a new property. This is a trend that can be valued by people having notable experience in the same domain and can estimate the real-time value of the real estate along with the marketing and renovation costs. One such pioneer is Baudinet Montreal real estate brokers and their team who can provide a thorough inside of the “wild side” of property flipping and renovations.

This is to remember that portfolio diversification enhances net worth and builds equity of an individual. Properly planned luxury real estate investments can see a remarkable appreciation on the estate, with risk-adjusted returns providing risk cushions.