Looking for an Architect for Your Construction Project? Then, Here’s How to Pick the Right One 


There’s absolutely no doubt that having an architect working on a commercial construction project is the best way to begin and end with. But, the real question is, how to pick the right architect? Since there are so many companies offering the services of so many architects, it’s natural to get confused. Which is why we have made this guide today – it is actually a guideline that will help you in finding out whether the architect you’re considering is even worth your money. 

Here we begin!

  1. A Good Architect is a Good Listener

An architect who doesn’t listen to you can never come up with ideas according to your needs and budget. So, pick the ones who have patience and are willing to attend discussion meetings with you and your team of designers. 

  1. A Good Architect has a Good Portfolio

Experienced architects from firms like Stendel Reich architecte usine are highly experienced. And experience is the one aspect that you shouldn’t miss out on. Find out about the projects the architects have handled successfully in order to evaluate their credentials. 

The quality benchmark projects that are done by architects at Stendel Reich are listed below. 

  • Aeromode
  • Tyfoon
  • Provigo Boucherville

You can have a look at the list of all their projects here, https://www.stendelreich.com/fr/projects.

  1. A Good Architect is Creative

Designs that are visually stunning attract most customers. In fact, most employees prefer working in offices that look well-constructed. Hence, only an architect that is able to come up with unique designs – while ensuring that they are still practical – is worth your investment. 

A few key factors of a good design are listed below. 

  • A good design is the one that can accommodate automation. 
  • A good design is the one that’s space optimized.
  • A good design is the one that offers power saving options. 
  • A good design is the one that stresses upon proper ventilation. 
  1. A Good Architect is Attentive

Experienced architects make sure that they keep in touch with the construction engineers and project managers. They do so by making:


  • Regular on site visit. 
  • Attending discussion sessions. 
  1. A Good Architect is Able to Get Government’s Approval for Construction 

The design that they make is in compliance with all the state laws. Thus, your project gets the government’s approval in no time. 

All in all, as long as an architect has all the above listed qualities, he/she is the best person to work with.