Nelson Partners Discusses the Experience of On and Off Campus Student Housing


When it comes to choosing whether to live on or off campus during the college years, a lot of things have to be considered by the students. There are pros and cons to both living arrangements. Hence, students must give both of them proper thought and consideration, prior to coming to a conclusion. Unlimitedly, students need to think which of the accommodation choices would help them to be successful in both studies and social life.  While students find living on campus to be the most convenient option, others can’t wait to experience independence for the first time. For the latter, choosing to live in a purpose-built housing facility managed by companies like Nelson Partners shall be the smartest option.

The biggest advantage of on campus dormitories and residence halls is their convenient location. They truly make it a breeze to get to class, making sure that the students need not worry about transportation to campus.  However, living in an on-campus residence hall can get bit overwhelming at times, especially for the students who are not used to sharing their living space. Depending on the set-up of a residence hall, there can sometimes be a lack of privacy in on campus housing.

For most of the students, the lure of off campus living comes with having a private bedroom and bathroom. There are many projects developed today that are particularly designed for students with the need for privacy in mind. A number of such purpose-built student housing projects provides students the chance to live with their friends, but also retreat to the own room when needed. Students wanting to live by themselves can even find a single bedroom apartment at a purpose-built student housing facility. Having a bedroom of their own and a space to decorate can be a great step up from the on campus, monotonous living.  Moreover, properties developed by Nelson Partners and similar companies often have a host of amenities for the students.

Living off campus would especially be ideal for students ready to pursue more independence. College campuses can be a bit of a ‘student bubble’, which might be suited to some, but not the others. Many modern students have this innate need for independence and flexibility, which often makes them annoyed with the curfews and rules associated with on campus living. By living off the campus, one need not have to worry about when to get back to their rooms, when to have their meals and more. The students get to call shots on their own and gain better a better understanding of how it is like to be an adult in the real world, while living off the campus. While students do have to sign a lease when living off campus, most of them are not as specific as housing agreements for on campus residences. Moreover, living off campus might prove to be more economical for many, and allow them to manage their budget.