A greener environment, a solution for cities and gardens

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A lot of people do not take nature and the envir=onment into account when they design the garden. They think about the look and feel of the garden and the level of maintenance, they do not think about its impact on the nature, environment and living environment. Companies and municipalities should also be contributing to a greener environment. If everyone makes their own small world greener, this will only bring green benefits.

What you can do at home to make your own world greener

Let’s first start with the garden. Nowadays, a lot of gardens are paved. If you make your garden greener, this will have many benefits, especially now the summers are getting hotter. Plants and trees in your garden ensure cooling, while stones retain the heat. In addition, you will have less flooding because it also rains more heavy due to the changed climate. In short, the less paved, the better! You can tackle the garden yourself, but there are also other possibilities that you may not have immediately thought of. For example, do you have a fence in your garden, then you could also green this. If you are thinking of a new fence in your garden, you can opt for a ready-to-use green fence. You can also use a living wall or green roof. This improves air quality, biodiversity and also your living environment. Speak to your local fencing contractor in Leeds.

A green city and living environment

A greener environment is not only a good solution for gardens, but also for cities. Nowadays, it is hotter in the cities than in the surrounding environments and also here the problems of heat and flooding is visible. We therefore have to take into account with existing and new projects the changing climate, the living environment of people and nature.

What you can do as a company or municipality

Nowadays, there are plenty of innovative solutions for greening cities. When people are asked to do their part, this also applies to companies and especially municipalities. So tiles out, green in! There are many innovative solutions for companies and municipalities as I mentioned before. I recently saw bus shelters with green roofs in Haarlem and on my way to work I also came across roofs of companies that have green roofs. These are only 2 examples of possibilities but there are plenty of other possibilities. You may think that this has little impact on the environment, but it has a big impact of the living environment of people, it helps with cooling the cities in the summer, less flooding during peak showers, more space for flora and fauna, better air quality. Besides, who wouldnt rather see greenery in the area rather than bare paved and unused space for a green city?

Earth is a beautiful place, but it also needs help to keep it liveable

The nice thing about these solutions is that it improves your own small world but I hear people around me saying that it doesn’t work if people in other countries do not cooperate to retain and keep the earth liveable, the only place where live is possible as far as we know. If you think like this, people will drop out but that should not be the case. Only think of your own small world and how you can improve this. If everyone improves their own small world, this will benefit us on a whole

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Infographic provided by Rock Solid Stabilization & Reclamation, Inc., a soil modification company