3 Things To Consider Before Buying Wood


Oakland is a port city in the San Francisco Bay area. It is a city with a natural saltwater lake. Nearly 90% of the homes in Oakland are constructed using wood. Today, wood has become one of the most significant materials used in construction. It is a renewable and recyclable material, requiring less energy to process.

Processed wood is known as lumber, and it comes in the form of columns and beams. It is used for construction purposes. A lumber supplier in Oakland, CA, buys large amounts of lumber from the manufacturers and sells them. Wholesale suppliers have access to a wide range of lumber and sell it at a lower cost than retailers. lumber supplier hayward ca are experts and specialists in the products and services they offer.

Types of wood in construction

The three popular types of wood used in construction are softwood, hardwood and engineered wood.


Hardwood is denser than softwood. It is obtained from deciduous trees that produce leaves and seeds. They are stronger than most softwood trees. Oakwood, cherry wood, mahogany wood and walnut wood are hardwoods. The hardwoods are known for their beautiful grain patterns. They grow slower than softwood which results in denser wood quality. Hardwood is used to make beams, floors and high-quality furniture.


Softwood is obtained from coniferous trees. They don’t have leaves, but they have needles and produce cones. These trees grow fast, and they are less dense than hardwoods. They are cut easily and are less resistant to fire. Cedarwood, pine wood, sprucewood and redwood are softwood trees. They are used to make doors and windows.

Engineered wood

Engineered wood is not natural and is not from trees. It is an artificial wood that is manufactured in factories. It is made by combining natural wood and some adhesives. The properties of engineered wood are different from natural wood, but they meet the customer’s requirements. Plywood, cross-laminated timber, composite board and Medium Density Fibreboard are examples of engineered wood.

Properties of wood

Wood doesn’t expand on heating. The high specific heat and low thermal conductivity of wood help to provide insulation.

Wood can amplify or mitigate sound. Sound travels well in the direction of grains in the lumber and gets mitigated in the perpendicular direction.

Dry wood is an insulator, and it doesn’t accumulate electricity. The electrical resistance of wood is inversely proportional to the moisture content in it.

Wood has high strength, durability and breaking length. It is found in a variety of colors, shapes and textures. It doesn’t rust and can be repaired and maintained for many years.

Benefits of using lumber in construction

The most significant reason for using wood is that it is cheaper than other materials. Wood is commonly available in the areas around Oakland. Timber can be transported and handled more easily than concrete or bricks. Wood is lighter and doesn’t require an expensive foundation. It is easier to process and helps complex constructions to progress quickly. Wood doesn’t emit dangerous gas into the air during its lifespan. It absorbs sound and echoes and is resistant to electrical currents.

A lumber supplier in Oakland, CA, can supply all types of lumber to meet customers’ demands. Lumber has become a sustainable and high-value building material and helps to complete the construction work faster with low labor costs. It is used in the construction industry throughout the year, in all climates and seasons.