4 Etiquette Tips For Service Apartment Renters



Thanks to the world’s technological advancements, anyone can get to another side of the world within a day or two and not need to travel for weeks or months unless they are on a boat. What is more convenient for everyone is that they can get a room for rent in any city besides booking a hotel for their accommodation.

If you plan to get a service apartment in Orchard Road when you go to Singapore, here are the apartment etiquettes that you should know.

1. Pay The Rental On Time

No matter how much you enjoy viewing the skyscraper buildings, never forget you have bills to pay. Take note that some service apartment buildings in Orchard Road charge late fees to their tenants when they are late paying the rent.

2. Respect Other Tenants’ Privacy

Even though Singapore is welcoming to foreigners, you should never abuse their kindness, especially when you are getting a room for rent in the city. The same goes for if you are a local, you have to respect the privacy of other tenants.

In other words, do not pry into other people’s businesses since that is rude.

3. Be Quiet, Especially At Night

While it is true that Singapore turns into a different city at night, that does not mean you can be as loud when you are in your rented service apartment.

Since service apartments are also home to many people, you can expect the tenants to get the most out of their rest. Thus, be quiet when you reach your room so you will not disturb or wake others who are asleep.

4. Follow The Recycling Requirements

Singapore is one of the most sustainable cities in the world for a reason. Besides penalties for littering, service apartment buildings in Orchard Road and other places have recycling requirements that tenants should follow to maintain cleanliness in the service apartment vicinity.

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