4 Characteristics To Look For in a Building Developer


So, you’ve decided you want your very own residential real estate. Before you set your plan into motion, the first step is to look for the perfect real estate developer in Singapore. However, there are many to choose from, from well-known names in the real estate world to those still rising. How do you pick the best building developer for you?

Here are four characteristics when choosing a real estate developer in Singapore.

Their Background

When looking for a real estate developer in Singapore, ask for a portfolio of previous works they’ve done before. How much experience do they have? What kind of aesthetic do they prefer with their real estate buildings? What are their specialties and strengths? You can also see if they have a professional website, which increases reliability. It’s even better if you can access the company reviews on the first page of the website. It shows off their hard work and satisfaction with their customers.

The Reviews

Look into the owners of the designed buildings too. Ask if they would recommend this building developer and their overall review. The responses of happy clients prove that many satisfied consumers have placed their trust in this company. You should be able to trust your developer, especially with a project this big.

Problem Solving Skills

Many problems might arise during residential development, and your developer needs to know how to go through them. It’s another reason why experience is what you should look for most in a developer. A seasoned developer has already run through all of these problems and knows how to deal with them. They can save you both lots of time during development.


A skilled building developer should know how to take the main idea of what you want and turn it into something unique. This creativity goes into the building’s aesthetics and other factors, such as construction methods or materials. For example, how would a developer make waterfront condos unique? Should they do something with the shape or the structure? It’s another reason why you should look at a developer’s portfolio.

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