What Makes Serviced Apartments In Singapore Perfect For Long Term Stays?


Many people mistakenly believe that staying at a hotel is their sole option when needing a place to stay for an extended period. However, you can always rely on serviced apartments in Singapore for long term stays.

Accommodations in these flats include standard hotel amenities like housekeeping as part of the monthly cost and more homey touches like couches and televisions.

Here’s why you should hunt for an apartment for rent in Singapore instead of hotels.

1. Rent for as long as you want

The great thing about Singapore accommodation apartments is the freedom it gives the guest. It is convenient for those frequently on the road for business or who must remain in temporary housing while moving.

2. Home feels

If you prefer to stay in a place that feels like a home, you can benefit from the best serviced apartments in Singapore. It looks like your home since you have everything you need in one place. The only difference is the view you’ll get to enjoy.

3. Complete package

You will not need to buy or take anything when you depart. Moving in and out is a breeze, giving you more flexibility than other lodging options. Most Singapore accommodation apartments feature completely stocked kitchens, convenient laundry rooms, a dining room and a living room.

4. High-end amenities

When you rent an apartment in Singapore, you’ll most likely prefer a place with excellent and clean amenities. Most serviced apartments include all utilities, spas, gyms and coffee shops.

5. It’s within your means

It’s no surprise that hotels cost a lot when you stay long. It’s best to choose serviced apartments in Singapore that accommodate long term stays where the lease terms are negotiable, and they disclose all fees in advance.

Enjoy your trip and stay in the best serviced apartments in Singapore. Check out the accommodations and facilities of Great World Serviced Apartments!