9 easy Check-points For Selecting the Best Quality Floor Tiles


Did you know that the floor of your house or apartment plays a vital role in enhancing the overall interior beauty of your place? The type of floor tiles in your house can make your apartment look grand or give a dull impression.

Unlike wall tiles, the tiles of your floor will need to have an added feature that’s load-bearing capacity. Wall tiles mainly add to the aesthetic of your home. But floor tiles do much more than that.

Since the entire weight of the furniture and other artifacts on the floor is borne by the tiles, they have to be strong. Tiles from established companies like Club Ceramics floor tiles have the desired load-bearing capacity for lasting longer.

Decisive Properties of Floor Tiles

Some other properties that have to be considered while choosing floor tiles are as follows:-

  1. Straightness of sides
  2. Surface flatness
  3. Abrasion resistance
  4. Skid resistance
  5. Breaking resistance
  6. Frost resistance
  7. Chemical resistance
  8. Stain resistance
  9. Glossiness

Points to Look Out For in Quality Floor Tiles

  1. Straightness of the side is very crucial in giving proper aesthetic value to your floors. Unless you are looking for a random-angle style of flooring, it is important to keep the sides of your floor tiles at perfect angles.
  1. Surface flatness is very critical for the good quality of floor tiles. A floor tile should be flat to 0.50% of the basic ground level.
  1. Impact resistance is the property of not getting scratches or minor dents on the surface. Floor tiles should possess high values of impact resistance owing to the rough conditions they are subjected to.
  1. Skid resistance is the property that makes tiles safe against slippery conditions. It is a safety factor to ensure that floor tiles do not become slippery in wet rooms such as bathrooms.
  1. Breaking resistance will determine when the tiles will yield to high load impacts. This property should also be on the higher side to ensure a long life of your flooring.
  1. Frost resistance ensures that your floor tiles do not become brittle during winters.
  1. Chemical resistance is necessary to prevent the tiles from getting damaged on exposure to acids in vinegar, wine, or ketchup.
  1. Stain resistance is vital to ensure the everlasting beauty of your floor. The floor is easier to clean if it doesn’t absorb stains.
  2. Glossiness is the property by which the aesthetic quality of your floor is enhanced.

In a nutshell, choosing the perfect floor tiles is not an easy task and requires careful inspection. That’s why picking the best manufacturers is the wisest thing to do.