What are the Advantages of Glass Photo Prints that Make Them So Popular?


Photo printing on glass is the latest new thing that’s been doing rounds in the decor industry. But, the question is, are these photo prints as good as they claim to be? So, if you’re someone who’s been wanting to purchase these prints but have a few apprehensions, then this guide is just the right choice for you. Have a look at the features – listed below – of glass photo prints and decide for yourself.

1. Glass Photo Prints are Long Lasting and Durable

The durability factor of Big Acrylic pictures on glass is the biggest advantage of these photo prints over canvas prints. The reasons that glass photo prints can last for years and still look just as good as new are listed below.

● They are water resistant. Thus, moisture doesn’t smudge the colors in the picture.
● They are heat resistant. Thus, the colors do not fade.
● The artwork is printed on glass with a flatbed printer. As a result, it doesn’t peel or scratch.

2. Glass Photo Prints are Practical

Glass photo prints are extremely lightweight. Thus, you can easily mount them without the fear that they might fall down. The 3 best mounting options for these prints are listed below.

● Standoff Mounting Option
● Float Mounting Option
● Float Frame Mounting Option

3. Glass Photo Prints are Vibrant

Brightness is one of the key factors that determine the quality of every picture. And prints on glass look super bright and glossy. The colors look vibrant and that’s why these photo prints offer:

● HD like clarity.
● A high luminous effect.

4. Glass Photo Prints offer Variety

The variety that we are talking about has a wide range.

● They can be cut in different shapes.
● They can be size customized to as small or as big as you want them to be.
● They can have different textures and finishes – black and white, silhouetted, and colorful.

5. Glass Photo Prints are Easy to Maintain

These photo prints require no special treatment or solution for cleaning. All you need is a wet cloth and it will easily take away all the dust from the surface. Besides, since the glass photo prints are waterproof and heat resistant, the colors will not be damaged while cleaning at all.

In other words, glass photo prints prove to be one of the most economical and inexpensive options in the long run.

So, these prints are absolutely worth the hype that they enjoy. You can always check the website, https://bigacrylic.com/ and contact them for more information.