Best Countertop Surfaces to Minimize Germs in your kitchen


Your home is a very important part of your life. If home is the body, the kitchen is no less than a heart. Apart from the living room, a kitchen is the place where most of your loved ones would come together. So, wouldn’t you want the place to be tidy and clean? 

Even when you have removed the clutter, the kitchen may be prone to different kinds of dust and germs. It is extremely necessary to be careful. If you have installed the right materials, you will be able to avoid the risk of dust collection and maintain cleanliness around your kitchen. Also, if your kitchen is clean, the breeze will be fresh as well. 

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Germs on kitchen countertops

Even the most beautiful materials are prone to dust, bacteria and germs because of its porous nature. The bacteria can grow anywhere across these surfaces which is why it is necessary you take proper care of it. 

Food, moisture and comfortable temperature can be the breeding ground. With time, these surfaces become prone to dust. But there are certain products that may not be excessively prone to damage. 

Here are some products that may be of help. 

  • Quartz 

Quartz is an extremely convenient material that is hygienic as well. It is made from a mixture of different materials like resin and polymer which is why many people prefer it over others. The combination of resin and polymer has contributed to make quartz a non-porous material. Hence, there’s no risk of bacteria or germs to slip through. 

Unlike other materials, quartz isn’t expensive and doesn’t require much maintenance too. The Granite au Sommet quartz  countertops can be easily cleaned with soap and water  thereby determining easy maintenance. 

  • Granite

Granite has gained extreme popularity in recent times. It is also certified by experts for being an efficient material. However, granite is porous in nature like marble and requires sealing too. 

Sealing granite countertops can help to save it in the long run. Also, it helps to protect against harmful chemicals and germs. It is necessary to avoid the usage of chemical cleaners for cleaning granite countertops. 

  • Laminate

Have you ever considered laminate countertops? They are affordable and popular. Most of the laminate countertops are antimicrobial in nature and you can create any look you want out of it. Regularly cleaning the laminate countertops with soft cotton cloth and water will help to avoid bacteria and germs and also increase the longevity.