Trending Home Designs that every Home Decor lover should know about


Redesigning a home is not always about building a home from scratch, adding new furniture, and painting the walls. At times, it is also about mixing things up and playing with the design elements. If you want to change your home decoration design as per your style and comfort, you need to follow your heart and seek a little inspiration from magazines and the homes of your favorite celebrities.

Before you begin with your home decoration design, you need to plan things properly by considering various aspects such as the theme of the house or rooms, the lighting, colours, textures, furniture, and home accessories. All of these aspects depend upon the layout of the space. If you have a vast space, you don’t need to limit yourself while redecorating your home, but you also need to ensure that you don’t add too many design elements and furniture because that would make your space appear clustered and small.

Check out these chic home decoration design ideas to spruce up your space.

  • A bird lover’s paradise: If you have a taste for art, a minimal wall hanging will add an artistic edge to your living room. A 3D cityscape-inspired art installation or the ones featuring birds and butterflies will amp up your rather plain wall. If you have a large, empty wall in your living room, this piece of art can add charm to it.
  • A blast of colours: The quickest way to liven up your living room would be to replace the old pillows with bright, colourful ones, which will look great on a white sofa. If your living room is simple and white, you can add a splash of colour by painting one wall a bright colour like blue or orange and filling the space with tiny plants.
  • A peek into your life: If you want to hang pictures of yourself and your loved ones, the wall on the stairways would be a great place to do so. While the rather empty wall there can be put to great use with the picture frames, it will add a litany of thoughtfulness and elegance to your space.
  • A cosy reading nook: If you’re a bookworm, you must build a nice, cosy reading nook for yourself. Your reading corner can feature an elegant glass lamp, a hanging armchair, a plush throw pillow, and sleek shelves for the books. You can have this place built near a large window to allow natural light in, which makes reading even more fun, especially during the rainy days.
  • Ucycle the right way: If you want to spend less on furniture and advocate upcycling, furniture made from recycled wooden pallets can be put to great use. A white-walled room will be the best place to put this furniture to make a beautiful statement.

Keeping these elements in mind, you can move ahead with your home decoration design  project. Hype up your space with design elements that match your vibe.