Perks of Choosing Chip Seal for your Paving Needs


Chip and seal paving is a mixture of crushed rock, asphalt, and artificial stone chips bonded together with a pitch mixture containing bitumen. The mixture can be sprayed on top of existing pavement or used to lay new pavement without removing any material from the site.

A porous aggregate base helps keep water from spreading beneath the surface and increases traction for heavy vehicles such as tractors and dumper trucks.

The process can create a new roadway and ensure the longevity of an existing paved surface by filling in cracks and holes with the material.

Let’s examine a couple more advantages.

1 – Maintenance Free

When you choose chip and seal paving Georgetown, you can be assured that you won’t need to worry about regular upkeep for the duration of its useful life. It doesn’t need to be sealed in any way, and it won’t crack due to water damage or other reasons.

2 – Easy to Install

When you hire a professional to come out and install your chip seal driveway, know that it is simple to install. By using a skilled paver, you won’t have to worry about any of the work involved in sealing or paving and improve the outside appearance of your home by getting your house and its outside in top shape.

3 – Unique

Be aware that chip and seal paving Georgetown offers a unique substitute for other widely used materials. Individuals typically choose to utilize concrete or asphalt since they may offer a consistent, uniform appearance.

However, chip seal pavement is formed from crushed stone, which gives the driveway road a variety of hues and makes it distinctive.

To conclude

Remember that professionals can do much better than inexperienced workers when paving roads, driveways, or parking lots. Always hire a professional who understands how to cope with curvy roads and improve them.