Maintenance Of Sewage Pumps


The maintenance of sewage pumps is required in commercial buildings, homes, hospitals, treatment facilities, and shopping centers. In these places, there is the pumping of water with solid parts, and, like any other equipment, over time, it is necessary to maintain sewage pumps, which is the most used equipment to carry out this procedure and if there is an emergency service, call an expert.

Maintenance Of Sewage Pumps – The Importance

The pumps used in the sewers, over time, start to present problems when it comes to moving the solid particles present in the water. The motors, for example, provide kinetic energy for movement, and it is normal for there to be a reduction in the number of revolutions or some damage caused by a particle detached from water. Therefore, it will be necessary to perform new sewer pump system installation newport news va. .

The maintenance of sewage pumps can also be carried out preventively, avoiding the appearance of future occurrences that may prevent the pump from functioning, causing a temporary pause in the pumping process of places that make use of it. Some sewage pump maintenance companies offer predictive maintenance. A series of tests are performed on the equipment, such as oil level analysis, monitoring vibrations from the engine, and inspection of the pump’s thermal production. In predictive maintenance, we seek:

  • Reduce the need to perform corrective maintenance;
  • Avoid that it is necessary to disassemble the equipment;
  • Exempt the sewage pump from possible damage that the analyzed components may cause;
  • Increase the service life and durability of the equipment.

Pump Maintenance – Fault Correction

The maintenance of pumps must be carried out by a specialized technician, which can be done either in a corrective or preventive manner, avoiding the problem even before it happens. In case the pump is working, but it isn’t easy to extract water, the most likely cause is that the pump and piping are filled, which in this case would be solved by brushing the pump. Another reason that may have caused the problem would be the short rotation of the motor, which can be solved with a simple adjustment of the tension.

If the pump is losing flow right after starting, it is recommended to check for air, both in the water, in the gasket, or the suction. Respectively, the solutions would be the use of a pump that can work with a lower water level, replace the mechanical seals or rings and seal all connections. Regarding engine problems, it is always necessary to check parts that may be worn and replace them, in addition to observing the rotor that may be out of adjustment and the axles that may be bent. For a fault correction, there are companies like Equal rooter plumbing or any other plumbing network to take care of the fault.