Basic Plumbing Tips You Need to Know


House plumbing must always be observed in every household. This consistency minimises risks of unnecessary problems. Failure to monitor the pipes will not only lead to various concerns, but expensive repairs as well provided by plumbers offering blocked drain services.

To make sure that your pipes are always in good condition, here are some basic plumbing tips you need to know.

Replacement of Parts through DIY Method

It is a fact that those with zero knowledge about complicated plumbing procedures should stay away from any severe pipe problems. However, if it’s only a minor repair such as replacing the parts of a faucet, then feel free to fix it if you’re confident using a DIY method.

Deteriorated flappers causing leakage in the toilet bowl can also be fixed easily. Plus, buying a new flapper is inexpensive.

No Chemicals when Unclogging Drains 

It is a fatal error when you use chemicals when you’re just fixing clogged drains since they can damage the interior parts of the pipes. What a lot of people don’t know is that a clogged drain can simply be fixed using a drain snake. Aside from the fact that it’s easy to plunge to the drain, it’s cheap as well. If the drain snake is ineffective, try using a wet vacuum cleaner instead.

Use Thread Tape, NOT Thread Sealing Compound

Another common mistake done by most individuals is that they prefer to use thread sealing compounds when a simple thread tape would suffice. The trouble with a thread sealing compound is that it’s prone to smearing and dripping, once again, causing unnecessary problems.

With a cheap thread tape that’s always available on your nearest hardware store, even someone who has no experience in basic plumbing can do the task flawlessly. It’s recommended though to opt for a multipurpose type. Moreover, go for the thicker type since it’s more convenient to use. Simply roll it counterclockwise at least three times and you’re done!

Use Heat in Loosening Water Pipes

Many people also use pipe wrench when loosening water pipes. But no matter how much effort applied, hardened fittings will never loosen up. The secret — heat! And a propane torch can do the trick against old pipes which have solidified. A caveat though, only uses heat on metal pipes and NOT on plastic types.

Observe Proper Maintenance on your Septic Tank

When you think something is wrong with your septic tank, chances are, you’re right. Even though it’s just a presumption, it’s still strongly recommended to have it checked. Otherwise, you might face the terror of having sediments building up in your septic tank.

Here’s a checklist in assessing your septic tank and picking a septic service in Lebanon PA:

  • Check for a pungent smell on areas located near your septic tank.
  • Sediments on your septic tank can act as fertilizers to your garden. Therefore, check your grasses if they’re greener than before.
  • Check your garden for wet patches.

If one or more of these signs are noted, it’s best to ask for professional help.

Remember that the tips mentioned above are only basic. If you’re not confident in handling any plumbing problems yourself, the best thing to do is hire a professional plumber.