How to Prepare to Live in Your Pollen Collection Home


Moving is a huge step, especially into a landed property, like Pollen Collection, and we’re often looking forward to commodities like gardens, space for ponds and aquariums, etc.

Here is what to prepare to live in your Pollen Collection home:

Work Out the Maintenance Costs and Schedule

You’re completely in charge of the maintenance of your property, and this now involves features that management could have resolved in a condo. A few common examples are exterior repainting, roof re-tiling, and lift maintenance (if you own a lift in your home or business ).

Landed homes are more individualized and could have a more extensive range of needs. For instance, residences with flat roofs with access to facilities (e.g., a BBQ pit located on the roof) usually require more regular cleaning around the roof level.

For tiled roofs, few are more challenging to maintain than others. For instance, tiles made of clay might be more impressive, for instance, but are weaker and need regular replacement more than concrete tiles. Remember that regular waterproofing is compelled (it relies on how well the property is built).

Many landed homes would be okay in a predictable maintenance schedule, like repainting the exterior once per 5-7 years or occasionally cleaning out roofs and ponds. That would help you figure out the recurring expenses you will face.

As intimidating as it might sound, I want to mention that a few landed properties could be more affordable to maintain than condos. Other luxury condos, for example, would run up maintenance charges of more than $1,000+ every month. With landed homes, you possess the choice to begin maintenance as and when you like, and you’ll only pay for what you require.

Prepare for Additional Transport Needs

Typically, landed homes are in low-density areas, distant from the congestion and noise of malls and MRT stations. This exclusivity and privacy are some of the key benefits.

The exchange is that local amenities might be much farther compared to condos. There might not, for example, be an eatery or minimart within easy access. If you have kids, they might need to walk longer from the train station or bus stop than condominiums.

Likewise, you might like to work out the transportation necessities beforehand, be it preparing a school bus schedule, or permitting your domestic helper to use Private Hire Vehicles (PHVs).

If the transport necessities are excessive, you might want to consider landed properties closer to the enclave’s edge.

Ensure Your Family or Domestic Help is Prepared for Different Household Chores

Landed properties tend to include more regular cleaning, at least at the degree of sweeping and mopping. Note that this would take time out of other tasks, like meal preparation or assisting the children with assignments.

One overlooked problem is the outdoor space in a landed property like a yard. Singapore’s a tropical country, and weeds accumulate quickly. In just a month, the grass could sometimes extend past your ankles. Additionally, to prevent fines by NEA, take note that you must prevent mosquito breeding; there are plenty more potted plants or stagnant water sources to check.

With that, I always recommend choosing a landed property that’s not too large, even if you could afford it. Moreover, always check if everybody’s okay with any additional tasks.

Be Ready to Manage Your Security

There is no more 24/7 security, so it is highly advised to purchase simple security – such as basic burglar alarms and a CCTV system. Nowadays, more developed “smart home” devices could warn you via Whatsapp or SMS if an intruder tries to break-in.

The security system cost is difficult to guess. Aside from the different structures of every home (the more possible entrances, the more costly it gets), it also differs depending on the level and quality of security required.

In many instances, it’s an additional cost that you should be prepared for (or find ways around, like owning a basic system by always making sure one individual is staying inside your home).