How to Make the Most Out of Your Pollen Collection Home


You’ve submitted all the paperwork needed and paid the Pollen Collection price for your new home. Are you ready to move in? Living in a new place is a memorable occasion, but it could be quite overwhelming for several reasons. Understanding how to decorate the house – and perhaps having a budget – could be difficult. Here are some of our tips to help:

Prioritize, Evaluate & Organize

Decorating your new house is all about being minimalist. It’s fine to discard what you do not want or need anymore. Prioritize some aged treasures you’ll be lost without, and bye-bye to useless garbage. Now’s the time to assess all your things and ensure the stuff you are keeping would have a purpose in the new place – that would help you prevent a home full of trash. Organize the things you save by where they would be positioned in your new place – if you could not put something; there is a big chance it’s needed.

Out with the Old, in with the New

Once you’ve become a property owner, the home decoration must grow alongside you. That’s a chance to say goodbye to the mismatched kitchenware in exchange for organized, shiny sets and change your tacky college dorm posters with frame-worthy wall art. There’s value in holding mementos from the past into your new place, but creating your home style’s maturity is a good way to assist you in feeling like a refined, capable adult.

Fight the Urge to Splurge

Regardless of how confident you are regarding buying new furniture, you probably would not like it as much in the coming years. The style you’ll develop numerous times as you grow into the new place, so you would want to save cash to decorate eventually. Use more affordable furniture pieces as placeholders until you are confident on what design style is best for you – you’ll be delighted you did. When talking about accessories, it’s crucial to remember things such as the picture frames, lamps, area rug, art, and other décor, as mentioned earlier. This is not a category where you need to overspend.

Wait For A Sale

If you are purchasing a lot of brand new furniture, it is wise to wait for it to be on sale or see if any discount is available. Based on RetailMeNot, discounts in the furniture field average approximately 17% off. This could be a major saving for someone who’s furnishing a whole property.

DIY Upgrades

Decorating your new home does not always need acquiring all things new. Instead of buying new decor pieces or furniture, upgrade your existing ones with new fashionable paint or hardware. Stylish knobs could improve bland kitchen cabinets, and grungy walls could come to life after a layer of fresh paint. Even replacing pieces like covers of the light switch and outlet could make the new home seem cleaner and more like your place without a large price tag.

Accents Make the Space

Small accent components would go far in personalizing the décor in your house. Floor pillows, throw pillows and throw blankets are cozy, playful, and could be moved or swapped out whenever you want.  Highlight the floor by laying vibrant carpets and make the windows seem less bare with a series of flowy curtains. If having difficulty, fill the empty area with plants – they will freshen the air in your new property, and they suit any design style at the same time, from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

Keep in mind; you do not need to buy all pillows, throws, and storage boxes on your move-in date. When it comes to picking accessories, take your time with them. Most importantly, love the process.

When it comes to your new home, every step is important, from the paperwork to the Pollen Collection price, to decorating your new home.