Here’s Everything You Need To Know About LVT Flooring


LVT flooring is one the fastest-growing and newest products within the flooring market. It looks like real stone or real wood, and it offers several practical benefits. These floors are commonly made of multiple PVC vinyl layers that are carefully compressed by a rolling process. The top layer features an embossed finish, and it plays an essential role in the aesthetics. No doubt, LVT flooring  is a great choice for your home. It is becoming more and more popular because of its durability, authentic designs, and waterproof features.

What is LVT used for?

As LVT flooring is made of PVC, this makes them well-suited to areas such as kitchens and bathrooms or even for commercial use such as yoga studios and hair salons. It is a wonderful substitute for wooden floors.

Why are LVT Floors So thin?

The thickness of LVT flooring lies between 2mm and 8mm thick. Its different top layers range from 0.1mm up to 0.6mm. The LVT floors are so thin as compared to other flooring materials, especially laminate. This is because of their strength and high density. 4mm compressed vinyl is much more durable and stronger than 8mm HDF wood, so there is nothing to do with the thickness. These floors can bear heavier foot traffic and can withstand everyday wear and tear without getting damaged.

Benefits Of LVT Flooring


As stated above, LVT flooring is hardwearing and durable; this is because these floors have built-in scratch and stain guards. This flooring type is much more robust than laminate, tile, or wood flooring, which can easily become damaged due to daily wear and tear. LVT floors can last for more than 25 years if taken care of properly. If you want something even more durable, some LVT flooring types have been designed to bear heavy footfall and can be used in commercial sectors such as hospitals, shopping malls, educational sectors, etc.


Looking for a floor covering for the areas with excess water? LVT flooring is the way you should opt for, as most of its types are 100% waterproof. So you can easily install them in your bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, basements, etc.

Authentic Designs

One of the biggest reasons why many people prefer LVT flooring is its availability in a wide range of design possibilities. All designs of LVT floors give a realistic representation of either ceramic, tile, or wooden flooring.


Nothing can beat the practicality and versatility of LVT flooring. Its waterproof features, robustness, and durability mean that it can be installed anywhere you want. It can bear heavier footfall associated with living spaces and hallways. LVT floors can also be used with underfloor heating or in areas where the temperature fluctuates constantly.

Easy To Look After

LVT floors are very easy to maintain. They do not require extra much more of your time, attention, and care. You just need to keep these floors clean. To remove any suborn stains, you can clean LVT floors with a spray mop; otherwise, regular sweeping would be enough to keep them cleaned and maintained.