Have you checked your AC filter at least once?


Very air conditioner has air filters as essential parts. One popular belief related to it that filters used in HVAC are meant for AC unit protection. Well, the purpose of air filters is not precisely known; hence it becomes important that you should change it timely. There are a few points that need to be considered in regards to air filters used in air conditioners. The answers to such questions definitely provide you an idea about this part.

  • The purpose of an air filter

As per the name, an air filter is used for evading the dirt, dust, and other debris out from the system and give clear air. Talking about the installation of central air conditioners, in the absence of filters, the particles are pulled in and get the return back to the air duct.

  • When is the time to change the air filter?

The very first query asked by the users is when I have to change the air filter. Basically, changing or cleaning the air filter depends on the frequency of using the air conditioner. It is advisable to change the filter in one to three months.

  • Rely on the professionals to do this job

Whether you have to change the filter or clean, it relies on the type of filter installed in the air conditioning system. If the filters are of a disposable kind, then you can throw them out and buy the new one. On the other hand, if they are reusable, you can follow the instructions and clean them properly. The experts’ advice is to use a damp cloth for shredding out the debris.

In some cases, the users are not comfortable with changing or cleaning air filters on their own. Hence, you can call Climate Control Experts and make maintenance appointment with the experts. The professionals can quickly address the air filter and find the issues. You can trust them to repair and maintain your air conditioning system. Every technician at Climate Control Experts is licensed and fully trained to provide quality work.