Check Out These Amazing HDB BTO Interior Design Ideas in Singapore


Every person wishes to own a home, but only a few consider interior design to be needed. People who wish to decorate and brighten up their homes may only do so with the help of interior designers. Only interior designers have the ability to redesign a house perfectly. Interior design is more than just a matter of appearance, it has the capability to transform a studio apartment into a spacious home with the use of good design and relaxing lighting.

A bad interior design, on the other hand, results in a larger house with insufficient space. Among other things, interior designers are experts at increasing space efficiency, increasing practical space usage, enhancing lighting effects, enhancing colour effects, enhancing patterns, textures, scale, and size. They also select the highest-quality equipment and furnishings. To be more specific, it’s about beautifying people’s homes by altering their lifestyles. Interior design, as a result, is far more important than it appears.

Compared to 2-room and 3-room, 4-room HBD flats are more common. It is also one of the popular home sizes in Singapore. A 4-room HDB home can cost roughly $270,000 without incentives. This type of flat is generally recommended for couples or young parents. A 4-room HBD flat has the same number of rooms as a 5 room HDB flat. However, the living room would be comparatively smaller. To renovate a 4 room HDB flat, may cost you around $42000 to $58000.

If you are looking for the best HDB BTO interior design ideas, visit Swiss Interior. Swiss Interior helps you top quality interior design services in Singapore. Simply request their quotes and compare them to find a good deal. Mentioned below are some of the 4 room HDB flat interior design ideas that you must definitely give a try this year.

  • Nature’s Nest: The living area avoids several common design blunders by incorporating a variety of wood textures that give the space a welcoming feel. This complements the home’s natural and greenery-themed decor. You will definitely love this wooden wonderland.
  • Bright and Blue Minimalist design:Carpenters drew inspiration from the beauty of space to create this exquisite four-room BTO while adhering to minimalist standards. When entering the living area, one is met with a brightly illuminated environment. The olive sofa is the focal point of the room without being overly embellished. When it comes to the entryway, it has a shoebox that comes in a blue hue.
  • Edgy Industrial Interior:This residence is inspired by soaring commercial warehouses and features concrete accents that are true to an industrial atmosphere. The living area is raised on a platform that is suggestive of a co-working environment, giving the house a particular individuality.

An experienced and talented interior designer may seamlessly blend numerous decorating styles such as modern, contemporary, western, indo-western, classic, and many more to produce a one-of-a-kind, stunning fusion that precisely suits your wants and expectations. A designer can help you stick to your budget while also saving you time and work. A designer is aware of where to find resources for all aspects of your home. This will save you a lot of time when it comes to looking up products, prices, and brands.

Designers can assist you in achieving the “wow” factor you desire. They’ve been taught to think in a different way, spatially, and to perceive things in a way that clients can’t. Interior designers take care of everything from wall colors to furniture. Hence, the homeowners can stay relaxed without worrying about anything.

Take Your Family’s Opinion

Make sure that you discuss with all your family members, before speaking with an interior designer. Remember, it is important to consider everybody’s opinion in your family before discussing it with an interior designer. As every person will have his own requirements, it is important to value them. Doing this improves your family bonding. Interior design may make you feel content and happy while also impressing your visitors.

Interior design aids in the transformation of your property into something that solely meets your aesthetic preferences. It’s crucial to be yourself, and decorating your home should be enjoyable as well.

Every part of your home should show your taste, and for this, you must hire a good interior designer by doing proper research! If you’d like to see more interior design and renovationideas in Singapore, check out Beautiful Homes at today.