6 Tips For Choosing Outdoor Furniture In Singapore 


Does your home have an outdoor space? Adding outdoor furniture in Singapore can make your outdoor space perfect for entertaining. Instead of inviting guests to the living room and watching movies on Netflix or Disney+ after dinner, you can lead them to your home’s outdoor space. You and your guests can either go DIY camping with a bonfire or look at the stars while sitting on your outdoor sofa.

If you plan to make use of your outdoor space anytime soon, you better choose the right outdoor furniture, just like how you design your home office and choose your desk in Singapore. Below are some tips that can help you with your outdoor furniture shopping journey.

6 Tips For Choosing Outdoor Furniture In Singapore

1. Plan Out Your Outdoor Space

Before starting to look for outdoor furniture in Singapore, you better plan out your outdoor space. Doing so should give ideas on what pieces to add and how everything would look once set up. It will also help you guarantee there will be enough space to move around so you and your guests can easily navigate your outdoor space.

2. Know The Material Use

While outdoor furniture has sturdy quality, some are still better than others. These are outdoor furniture made of materials with unique features like corrosion resistance, heat retention, and more. Here are your options:

  • Wood – Resistant to weather, last for decades
  • Plastic – Extremely weather-resistant but not good in windy environments
  • Metal – Highly durable, but it retains the heat
  • Concrete – Long-lasting, but too heavy to move and can stain easily

3. Skip The Cushion Ones

Even though the weather forecast is 80% accurate most of the time, you do not have all the time to bring the cushions of your outdoor sofa in Singapore inside your home. A minute late would guarantee the outdoor furniture’s cushions are wet.

To avoid that inconvenience, you better invest in outdoor furniture without any cushions. That takes away the burden of worrying about the cushions during rainy days.

4. Measure The Space

Without proper measurements of outdoor furniture, you might purchase something bigger or too small for your outdoor space. Besides noting the pieces’ dimensions, bring your measurement tape when you visit a furniture shop in person.

5. Read Customer Reviews

Since you have purchased an outdoor dining table in Singapore before, reading customer reviews will allow you to know whether the one you like is worth buying.

6. Prepare For The Rainy Days

Apart from buying water-resistant outdoor furniture, you should also install an awning or outdoor umbrella. These items will give additional protection so your outdoor furniture will not get damaged and wet during rainy seasons.

Do You Need Help Choosing Outdoor Furniture For Your Home In Singapore?

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