Six Factors that Impact the Cost of Installing Tiles


The cost of installing tiles can range from two hundred dollars to thousands of bucks. It depends on the area’s size, the kind of tile you will use, and other factors. You must have a clear idea about the expenses even before you sign a contract with a contractor. For installing wall tiles and floor tiles, you may need to spend between $5 and $11 per square foot. But, the following factors will largely impact the price:

Your Contractor

Hiring a local contractor may cost you more than hiring a handyman next door. However, you can ensure labour quality and some even offer a warranty for their work. Also, home improvement stores have vetted contractors; however, you will also need to buy the supplies from them.


The Installation cost of Ceramique au Sommet Laval is much lower than the cost of granite and marble. Natural stones are quite expensive and can cost up to 50% more than ceramic or porcelain. Also, they require sealing after installation which will also cost money.

Moreover, the quality of the tile can also affect the installation cost. A lot of retailers set a grading level of 1-3 for their tiles. The lower the grade the better the product. Keep in mind also that your chosen brand will impact the price. Artisan brands are much more expensive than those you can get from major home improvement stores. 

Customisation Requests

Custom work will add up your final bill. Mosaic prints, patterns, and borders take more time and resources to make. This is why you will have to pay more for them. The more customization work you request the more you will pay for installation.

Requirements to Prepare the Surface

Some floors may need levelling and extra preparation work. For this work, the installation cost is expected to be much higher. The same is true when your installer has to use more tile installation tools for your floor. 

Cutting Needs

If you have floor designs that have plenty of corners, the installer would need to cut tiles a lot of times. Also, custom fitting the tiles will need more work. Again, the more work required the more expenses to incur. 

Accessibility of the Installation Site

Single-family homes provide better accessibility than apartment buildings. Also, residential buildings have special renovation requirements that will cost the contractor more money. Lifting the supplies up to your apartment or condominium is part of the labour. Contactors are expected to charge all of this to you.