Innovative Bedroom Interior Design Ideas For Bedrooms Of All Sizes


If you are thinking about bedroom interior design ideas or bedroom renovation, then you have come to the right place. When it comes to interior designing, your mind immediately goes to a specific colour theme and the kind of furniture and fabrics that you think will go with that colour theme.

But in reality, an interior bedroom design process involves planning from the start how you will incorporate each element in the room according to its size, the size and placement of its window and door, the kind of design theme you want in the room, the colour theme, and other aspects.

A smaller bedroom may appear more challenging when it comes to designing but it, in no way, inhibits your options of materializing your dreams into reality. In the coming sections, we will be describing innovative and fail-proof interior design ideas for bedrooms that you can employ in your own homes. These ideas are described by taking inspiration from the amazing design portfolios by us that excel in actualizing your interior design dreams. So without any further ado, let’s go through these ideas and tips to create a beautiful and amazing bedroom in your home.

Create A Platform Bed

A great and innovative interior design for bedroom ideas is to create a platform in the bedroom and place all other furniture and elements accordingly. Usually, we see platform beds where the platform size is just the size of the mattress, but as can be seen in the following image, the designers have done something different by creating a huge platform. We can see the double mattress on one side of the platform whereas a side table can also be seen on the other side in front of an extended headboard.

Behind the platform is a fun pink coloured wall with beautiful wall art. The platform also serves the purpose of storage with drawers that can be slid out from underneath the platform. With some indirect lighting behind the headboard and in the lower part of the platform, the bedroom’s appearance is enhanced to create a unique and modern interior design.

Blk 395 Bukit Batok West Avenue 5 – Resale 4 Room HDB

Maximize Functionality With Minimum Elements

Since the idea of minimalism is trending these days, usually clients want to incorporate certain minimalist aspects into the design. When it comes to the bedroom, you can also create a minimalist theme there. The idea is to get maximum functionality by using minimum elements so that the area appears decluttered and clean.

For example, instead of adding separate side tables and a dressing table in the room (which could cramp up the space), you can incorporate them with the cupboards. This can be seen in the following image where the cupboards extend towards the bed and we see a part of the cupboard converted into a dressing table with a mirror. Since this dressing table is right next to the bed, it also serves as a bedside table. Therefore, you get maximum functionality with minimum elements taking much less space.

5-Room HDB BTO @ 422B Northshore Straitsview

Small Bedroom Ideas

A larger bedroom obviously gives you more space to play around with the design essentials but you can still achieve that in a smaller bedroom if you plan and act wisely. One small bedroom interior design idea has been shown brilliantly in the following portfolio image. Here, we see a platform bed that is joined to a cupboard at its foot end. The platform serves storage purposes along with the cupboard which also acts as a bedside table and showcase shelf. Right next to the cupboard we see an inbuilt table that can be used as a dresser or a study table. Thus, within a small space, you can have literally everything that one can find in a larger bedroom.

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208A Compassvale Lane Resale HDB 4-Room

Another inspiration for a smaller bedroom can be taken from the following image. This space shows how you can incorporate so much functionality in such a small space that it makes one stare at it in awe and admiration. A platform bed rests along a large window which gives the effect of a fresh and airy space. The wall that serves as the headboard of the bed has inbuilt shelves that are used to store books and other decor items. In the space leading to the bed, we can see a sleek study table with a chair that runs parallel to a sleek dressing table and mirror. With spotlights and indirect lighting at various points in the room, the visual space is increased and does not make the area look cluttered at all.

Ris Grander Condo @ 27 Elias Road

Create A Showcase In The Bedroom

Another bedroom interior design idea that can uplift your room’s appearance is to create a beautiful showcase that can be used to display any decor item or anything of your choice. If it is a kids’ bedroom, you can use this showcase to display their toys or any figurines. This can be seen in the following image where a boy’s action figures can be seen in a beautiful showcase with glass shelves and warm spotlights.

Resale HDB @ 604 Choa Chu Kang

Similarly, in the following image, you can see the showcase displays beautiful handbags and purses of the lady of the house. The showcase has been lit beautifully with warm lighting and with the glass shelves, it creates a beautiful and elegant element that enhances the room’s appearance several notches. Although the room is quite small, it still looks very elegant because of this decor cupboard.

HDB BTO @ 102A Bidadari Park Drive

Create A Royal Bedroom

Some interior design bedroom ideas involve turning the room into a piece of royalty and luxury. But don’t be scared that it will cost you so much that you won’t be able to think about it! There are ways in which you can create a royal and luxurious look in the room without spending too much on it. As an example, consider the following image of a room which looks like it is a room of a five-star luxurious hotel. But when you look closely, you don’t see a lot of expensive items; just the wise selection and placement of elements that creates that effect.

Notice how the headboard has vertical upholstered panels alternating between mirror panels. The wall behind the TV serves as an accent wall that has thin vertical panels of mirrors or steel strips. The spotlights are a bit fancy that add to the royalty of the room along with indirect ceiling lighting. The curtains are plain but made of a heavy fabric. The color theme of offwhite and brown are the ultimate choice for a luxurious outlook.

Sky Habitat Condo @ 7 Bishan Street 15

Similarly, another inspiring royal bedroom interior design idea can be seen in the following image where the room looks elegantly royal yet simple. The accent wall boasts a beautiful intricate patterned wallpaper with a simple gray bed in front of it. The luxurious effect is added on the bed in the form of plush cushions and bedlinen. Huge full-length windows through which plenty of sunlight flows in and lights everything inside adds to the beauty of the room. The overall color theme is that of offwhite and shades of gray that are further enhanced by warm lighting. The result is a beautiful, elegant, and luxurious bedroom.

Rivercove Condo Residence @ Anchorvale

Kids Bedroom Ideas

Designing kids’ bedrooms is always an exciting and fun-filled task but can also become somewhat challenging if you are unable to fulfil your kids’ wishes. But not to worry, these bedroom ideas will surely be a hit for your kids as well. Consider the following kid’s room where a beautiful design has been set in place in a small space. The main attraction in this room is a blackboard behind the bed that covers almost the complete wall. This board is lit by track lights as well to further enhance its appearance. This board can be used for decorative purposes as well as educational purposes whenever required. The green colour of choice for the curtains gives a cool and soothing appeal in this room.

Rivertrees Residences @ 27 Fernvale Close

In another kids bedroom, we can see a dinosaur inspired wallpaper in cool colours of green and brown. A sleek showcase cupboard shows off some toys and action figures of the child. The showcase looks quite dramatic owing to the warm lighting inside it. Just add some colourful and cartoon-inspired bed sheets and a few stuffed toys to the bed and you will get yourself a winner!

Create A Separate Dressing Space

Another unique bedroom interior design idea is to create a separate dressing area inside the room. Usually, when people add a dressing space, they designate a small room for this purpose. But in this unique design, you can just partition the existing bedroom and dedicate some space for the dressing area. The focus should then be to add a wow factor in this space.

As can be seen in the following image, the separation is made by using cupboards whose appearance is enhanced by keeping mirror doors for them. A dressing table and mirror are obviously a main part of the dressing area but what makes it stand out are the spotlights and track lights that are used at just the right places. Thus this design creates an elegant yet unique space.

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