How to Create a Modern Luxury Home  


Luxury is often synonymous with extravagance. Many have the perception that elevating a space into a luxe, lavish one costs an arm and leg. However, modern luxury interior design is more than just grandiose chandeliers and opulent golden furnishings, it’s a clear reflection of one’s personality and lifestyle. With the right interior design company, you can transform a HDB interior design to that of a luxurious condominium.

What Is Modern Luxury Interior Design?

 Modernism in interior design has its roots in the late 19th century, where clean and sophisticated living space is reflective of one’s balanced approach to life. This style of rejecting clutter and embracing minimalism soon became a highly sought-after way to design one’s home. In this article, you can get ideas on designing your condominium and HDB.

What are the main features of a modern luxury home? 

Less Is More

A major misconception of modern luxe interiors is that they are adorned with the biggest, brightest and grandest. Many think that a modern luxury interior must be designed to impress. In reality, most people tend to overlook the art of keeping things minimal. While being overly concerned with flashy, high-end selections, intentional designs and practical elements can be forgotten easily. In a modern luxury abode, clutter can be off-putting since it creates confusion and inconsistency.

Consistency Is Key 

If there is one thing that modern luxury interiors have in common, it would be consistency. A single, central theme with complementary sub-themes is a representative feature of modern luxe spaces. In order to avoid discordant designs in separate rooms, a standardised colour palette is applied throughout the home. Other ways to create symmetry in the home include using matching shapes, repeating patterns and uninterrupted lines. Going for a modern rustic interior look? Having at least one industrial-style furnishing in each room will help with the home’s overall flow and cohesion.

Experience Over Appearance

Sometimes, it’s easy to get lost in the process of putting together the perfect modern luxury interior. You might find yourself being overly concerned with choosing the ultimate plush sofa to pair with your crimson curtains, spending hours browsing through endless furniture catalogues and getting nowhere. It’s important to take a step back and realise that a modern luxe home isn’t defined by a universal set of criteria. Rather, it’s about discovering your personal styles and preferences that suit your lifestyle.

Some might find historical influences a form of luxury, while some prefer a monochrome marbling theme for the house. Individuals experience luxury in different ways, and that is the beauty of self-expression in the home. If you are living in an HDB in Singapore and want a hassle-free interior design experience, check out our kitchen interior design package or toilet renovation package, depending on your needs.

Bold, Rich and Natural Textures

In modern luxury interior design, it’s important to experiment with different colour schemes and textures in the home. This mix-and-match of textiles and materials will add a new dimension to your home, making it feel inviting without being overbearing. Through this creative customisation, it gives your home a unique character that you can proudly call your own. The interior design of condo in Singapore tend to have bold and rich personalities.

Use of wood elements with different colours and finishing

Rivertrees Residences @ 27 Fernvale Close

How can I introduce elements of modern luxury interior design into my home? 

Now that we understand the fundamentals of modern luxury interior design, let’s see how we can get started on achieving a luxe living space with some simple tips and tricks. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will have plenty of renovation ideas for your dream house!

Pick a subdued and elegant colour palette 

When deciding on the colour selection for your interior, flattering, it’s good to opt for light-toned hues as they are easy to contrast and complement with other furniture. If your walls are in a muted shade of beige, introducing an ebony rug will create visual appeal for the space.

In design, there is a classic 60/30/10 triadic décor rule that most designers are familiar with. It is a timeless principle that states 60% of the room should be in a dominant colour, perhaps the walls and main furnishings. 30% would be the secondary colour, where other fixtures like chairs, shelves and draperies give the room an exclusive edge. The remaining 10% is an accent colour of choice. These are often the small details like throw pillows, art prints and cabinet handles that add a fun, playful touch.

Modern luxury living room in muted colour scheme

BTO @ 445A Clementi Ave 3

Pair Up Metallic Accents For An Extra Flair

If you are looking for an accent colour that stands out, why not try metal finishes? Brass, chrome, copper and rose gold are chic additions that are bound to create a luxuriant allure for your home.

Go For Made-To-Measure Curtains

One advantage of having pooled drapes installed with your windows is the flexibility it brings. Whether you want your room to exude a palace-like grandeur or a warm sense of comfort, long curtains give you the option to pool the fabric in any way you desire. Many modern homes have curtains that flow naturally onto the floor, boasting a lavish and swanky look. Furthermore, having thick, pooled curtains are useful in keeping out sunlight and harmful UV rays.

Luxurious floor-length curtains in a master bedroom

Rivercove Residence @ Anchorvale

Set Up An Intimate Space With Statement Furniture

If you are one that enjoys having friends and family over, create a cozy atmosphere in the living room through deluxe sofas, plush armchairs and a velvety rug. This sets the tone for you and your guests to indulge and enjoy maximum comfort. Having a select few quality pieces of furniture in the room will uplift its overall mood, compared to having a cluster of loose display items.

Lighting Is Everything

Proper lighting can drastically affect how you see, feel and perceive your surroundings. Similarly, when conceptualising your home’s lighting, it is good to throw light on different parts of the room through multiple layers of fixtures. For example, hanging wall lights function as useful ambient lighting and can bring attention to an important feature of the room. Getting warm lights for your bedroom is a great idea to amplify comfort for better sleep.

Integrating white and yellow light fixtures within the living room

BTO @ 997B Buangkok Crest

Modern Luxury Interiors Don’t Have To Be Expensive

In a nutshell, it’s safe to say that a modern luxury home can be stylish and affordable at the same time. By prioritising and elevating the most crucial elements in your home, you can easily create a classic, upscale design through the above recommendations. Whether it is contemporary minimalism or ultra-modern feel that you’ve set your sights on, don’t forget that your modern luxe home is a canvas for exploration and innovation.

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