7 Easy Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Air Conditioner


Air conditioners often operate for many days in a row. This can strain your air conditioning unit and reduce its life expectancy. Performing some straightforward tasks, you can easily extend the life of your air conditioner.

1. Annual Maintenance

HVAC maintenance performed on a regular basis by trained and certified technicians is one key element to ensure the longevity of your air conditioning. Calling your local air conditioning experts, like Mill Creek Mechanical to perform routine maintenance every spring will ensure that you have cool air throughout the warm days of summer. Technicians can identify wear and tear on your unit and perform preventative maintenance before you have costly issues.

2. Remove Debris

When you are working in your yard, be sure to check around your outdoor unit. Trim any bushes that are located near your air conditioning unit, so they do not restrict the flow of air. Leaves, sticks, and other debris can accumulate around the unit as well. Be sure to sweep or rake any items that could block the air flow. There should be about two feet of clearance around your unit.

3. Open your Windows

On cool and dry summer days, open your windows and let in the fresh air. In addition to the fresh air circulating throughout your home, your air conditioner will get a break. When air conditioners operate constantly, they are more apt to wear out and/or need repair.

4. Utilize your Window Treatments

On the days that you cannot open your windows, the next best thing is to utilize your window treatments. Windows that are not covered with shades, blinds, or curtains heat up quickly when the sun is streaming through. In turn, this warms up the room that the sun is shining in. Therefore, your air conditioner needs to work harder to reduce the temperature in those rooms. Cover your windows to extend the life of your air conditioner.

5. Change the Filters

Your air conditioners filters remove particles from the air. When the filters are clogged with debris, they do not operate efficiently. This puts more strain on your air conditioner to work even harder. Changing your filters on a regular basis will reduce the stress on your air conditioner. It will also let you breathe better!

6. Check Vents

Similar to clearing around your outside units, your vents need to be unobstructed to let the air flow. Anything blocking your vents will prevent your air conditioner from operating efficiently. Over time, furniture shifts, toys are moved, and more. All of these can add up to an ineffective use of your air conditioner. Items blocking your vents will cause your home to become warmer in the summer months because the cool air cannot circulate.

7. Monitor Other Appliances

Noting the time of day that you use other appliances can help your air conditioner operate more efficiently and last longer. Drying your clothes at night after the air has cooled or first thing in the morning before the temperature rises will keep your home cooler. This will reduce the load on your air conditioner.