5 Signs That You Need Your Rain Gutters Replaced


Downey is prone to a fairly wet weather, with its monsoonal urges and cloudy skies. If you have been searching for rain gutters near me in Downey, you’re not alone.

Rain gutters can deteriorate with age and use, just like your roof. Even though most gutter systems are designed to endure for at least 20 years, there comes a time when it is necessary to repair them. If you’re not sure whether your gutters need to be repaired or replaced, consider the following five indicators:

  1. Splits, cracks, or a partially replaced gutter.

The weakest part of a gutter system is the joint where two pieces of gutter meet. Pulling at the seams is a sign that your gutters are getting old and should be replaced. You can tell your gutters are getting old if they are cracking or splitting anywhere else. If you see even a slight crack or break in your gutters, it’s time to start planning for replacement. Splits and cracks will widen over time, especially as the temperature drops and ice forms within the crevices.

Trying to find a replacement gutter system? Getting seamless gutters is money well spent. They can last far longer than seamed gutters because they don’t have the same points of failure, like these rain gutters in Downey.

  1. Chipping paint or rust.

Mostrain gutters are painted or coated to protect them from the elements. Even while peeling paint might not seem like a major issue, it means that your gutters need to be replaced. The paint on your gutters keeps them safe from moisture, so if it starts to peel off, your gutters will rust.

You should replace your gutters as soon as possible if you see rust stains or rust flakes on the ground outside your property. Rainwater seeping through rusty places on your gutters can leave large, difficult-to-remove patches on your home’s siding, not to mention the fact that holes in your gutters might cause water damage.

  • There is sagging or pulling away of the gutters from the roof.

Sagging gutters are, as you might think, a symptom of trouble. The weight of the gutters has outgrown their original brackets and screws.  

You should probably replace them because they aren’t draining properly. Sagging gutters are a sign that your gutters are clogged and possibly use some maintenance. If they have sagged noticeably, though, you might consider getting new ones as the clips on your gutters are shot. The bolts holding your gutters to your house may become loose over time. That’s a surefire recipe for gutters that sag and detach from the roof. There is no question that it is time to replace the gutters.

When gutters sag or separate from the roof, it’s a sign that they’re too old to do their job correctly, which is to channel water away from the foundation of the house. The fascia board or gutters may be rotting if the gutters continue to sag or peel away from the roof. The gutters need be replaced either way.

  1. Dirt channels or pooling water.

Look at the soil underneath your gutters. When you look at it, what do you see? It is time to replace your gutters if you see water gathering near the base of your home, or if there are large empty channels where earth has been swept away.

The presence of these indicators indicates that rainwater is overflowing the gutters and not draining properly. If you discover this issue, you should have new gutters right away. The likelihood of a flooded basement rises in proportion to the amount of water that collects in the ground around your foundation.

  1. Basement flooding.

Many homeowners don’t realize that water in the basement is a warning that it’s time to replace their gutters. Since water may now easily overflow the gutter’s margins, it can easily seep through the foundation and into the basement if the gutters are no longer functioning properly.

A major indicator of this is if you have seen water accumulating in the basement during rainstorms or if your basement has flooded after a recent storm.

The Bottom Line

You can’t have a roof or a home without rain gutters. They keep your home’s foundation and landscaping in good condition by diverting water away from the structure. When your rain gutters have served their purpose, it’s time to replace them. If you wait too long to replace your rain gutters, water can seep into your basement and cause damage to your siding and other parts of your home’s exterior. These 5 indicators may indicate that it is time to consider rain gutter replacement.

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