3 Benefits of a Singapore Town’s District Cooling System


As more people seek a sustainable lifestyle, technology advances to make it more possible. We are becoming more environmentally conscious than ever as global temperatures rise. Luckily, more of us are banding together to live sustainable lives. Our methods are still comfortable, but they don’t compromise the environment. For example, in Singapore, district cooling is becoming more prevalent. District cooling systems, or DCS, are especially noticeable in eco-towns.

But what is district cooling? DCS produces chilled water in an energy plant and distributes it in a system of pipes. Buildings that are attached to these pipes receive the water as air conditioning. DCS means buildings and homes no longer have a separate system for air conditioning. Here are the three benefits of Singapore towns using district cooling.


Because it connects many buildings in a Singapore town, district cooling saves energy not just for one building but for an entire community. The production and distribution of water are more efficient than separate air conditioning systems, too. 20% to 35% of energy is saved in a single town using the district cooling system.


You can save time and money if you live in an eco-town in Singapore and join a district cooling system. If you didn’t join, you’d have to worry about your traditional air conditioner’s maintenance. If it breaks, the money for a replacement will come out of your pocket. With DCS, however, those who manage the plant and the system will also handle the maintenance. You’d only have to pay the standard fee without worrying about maintaining it yourself. Not only does it save you money, it even gives you peace of mind.


The worst disadvantage of a traditional air conditioner is its environmental impact. Every time you use an air conditioner, it lets out hydrofluorocarbons. These emissions are bad for the environment and negatively affect our climate, especially since it’s one of the greenhouse gases. If a Singapore town uses district cooling, it heavily reduces all of those carbon emissions from a single community. A DCS doesn’t use hydrofluorocarbons, which makes it the ideal choice if you need air conditioning in your home.

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